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In many areas across North America, police officers are warning of the increasing problem of telephone line tampering.
While most security systems send their signals through the telephone lines, a cut phone line can stop the signal from being transmitted.
Cell Backup is an effective additional line of protection. A Cell Backup, when combined with your existing home security system, will send a wireless signal to ONEX Central Monitoring Station should your telephone line be tampered with in any way. This is an affordable option that can be added to your home security system at any time should you become aware of a problem with phone line tampering in your area.

Cell Backup OR Line-Cut Protection - Almost immediately after your telephone line is cut, Cell Backup will be activated, transmitting a wireless signal to ONEX Central Monitoring Station to alert our trained personnel of a cut telephone line and a possible emergency.
Cell Backup is also an excellent monitored protection for premises that do not have regular telephone service. Country cottagers and people who use cell phones exclusively can now benefit from Cell Backup protection.

For more information please contact ONEX and a security consultant will be pleased to answer all of your questions..