ONEX Fire & Security Systems Inc. provides commercial customers security systems that are tailored to meet their business security needs.

We have state of the art security systems designed to provide maximum access control to your building. ONEX Fire & Security camera/video system eliminate employee theft and allow owners to remotely view live over the internet, letting you view day to day business operations using a DVR.


Custom Surveillance Services

In the event of your absence, the answer to monitoring your premises and employee activities is by incorporating a surveillance system into your establishment. Surveillance benefits extend beyond what one would consciously imagine.
The implementation of these systems can provide a means to monitor many high risk areas such as shipping and receiving, parking lots, file rooms, cash areas and employee performance, which will increase productivity and benefit loss prevention, ultimately saving you money in the long run. For your CCTV security camera or system.


User Friendly Advanced Security Technology

Obtainable features of this ultimate surveillance system include:

  • Remote access by computer terminal
  • Colour/Black & White Monitors
  • 24 Hour Real Time Recorders
  • Multiplexers
  • Switchers
  • Video Intercom Systems

Various types of cameras all supporting Infrared and Night Vision technology:

  • Digital
  • Wireless Transmitted
  • Automated
  • Outdoor Weatherproof
  • Pin Hole Covert
  • Motion activated
  • Vehicle Mounted (ie: taxis, school buses, police vehicles, etc...)
The CCTV system is an affordable means of integrating high-performance security technology